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Civil / Energy & Utilities Sector

With 50 years of combined experience, Rectify Group electrifies the future of civil, energy, and utilities infrastructure, setting new benchmarks in engineering excellence.

Building Foundations for Tomorrow's Energy

In the ever-evolving world of civil, energy, and utilities, standing still is not an option. We understand that the sector's backbone lies in robust and future-proof infrastructure.

From hydropower stations to solar energy farms, we bring engineering ingenuity to the table, creating structures that are not only efficient but also sustainable.

Utility Infrastructure—More Than Meets the Eye

Water treatment plants, electricity substations, and sewage systems might not be glamorous, but they're utterly essential. Our technical expertise extends beyond mere construction. We focus on creating intelligent utility infrastructure systems that minimise waste, maximise efficiency, and ensure public safety.

Compliance and Adaptability:
A Balancing Act

It’s not just about fulfilling current needs; it's about being prepared for the legislative and environmental changes that are bound to come. We excel at navigating complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring that all projects are not only up to code but also adaptable to future standards.
Here's Why We Stand Out

The Rectify Advantage

Unrivalled Experience
We have a team of qualified structural engineers, geologists, project managers, supervisors and technicians with highest level of expertise and training.
Cutting-Edge Technology
We invest in the latest technology, equipment and materials, constantly reviewing latest developments from around the world
Quality Assurance
Our commitment is backed by the quality of our workmanship, offering a 10 year warranty across our services.
Seamless Delivery
Our non-invasive technique ensures you do not vacate your home or business, enabling continuity of use
Affordable Solutions
We ensure the solutions provided are affordable and competitive when compared to other similar companies
Environmentally Conscious
Low carbon footprint using less raw materials, reduced site traffic and excellent thermal insulation properties.
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What our clients
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35+ reviews

Highly Recommended

Thanks to all the team - Frank, Armand, Adrian, Birt, Junior, Beyz and Tina - for the professional approach and expertise brought to a difficult four townhouse stabilization and lift project. Highly recommended.
Bill Rees
Verified Customer

Very Professional

Very professional. Explained everything to me and answered all my questions. The guys were always on time and cleaned up everything when they left, and they were friendly and polite.
Andrea Wilde
Verified Customer

Professional & Clear

Professional and clear advice, all services undertaken in a planned and timely manner. At the moment all seems well - but a bit early to confirm definitively
Cheryl Sullivan
Verified Customer

Beyond Expectation

We were very satisfied with all aspects of their service. The outcome was beyond expectation with all wall issue greatly improved. Their knowledge and service was great. Would highly recommend Rectify.
Kris Camm
Verified Customer

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Rectify Group is an Australian ground engineering and asset remediation company.
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